2018 Wedding Dates - An Analysis

  • By Derek Hoffman
  • 15 Sep, 2017

Katherine Heigl. Who misses her?

Yeah me neither. (Also, statistically speaking, by the time you read this, half the people in the above image have probably been killed off but we won't know for sure because Shonda has to leave us with YET ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER).

Back to the topic at hand. Dr. Izzie once bestowed upon us the cinematic masterpiece that is, 27 Dresses . In it, she plays a psycho who doesn't know how to say "no" to anyone.
Kinda like her, in real life...
She finds herself "bridesmaiding" it up between 2 weddings on the same night. What could possibly be worse than a girl having to serve as a bridesmaid at 2 different weddings on the same night?
Kate Hudson and our BFF Anne Hathaway, apparently.
Wait... we're starting to notice a trend in the topic here. More than one wedding can happen on the same date? Hmmm...

Each year, KC Mobile DJ, along with many other fantastic wedding professionals, turn away an insanely regrettable amount of business because we're maxed out. We set out to find some numbers that may help you avoid scrambling at the last minute to book your wedding pros.

We used the data collected about couples from the following wedding shows:
  • February 2017 KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular
  • July 2017 KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular
  • August 2017 Big Reveal
We then removed all the duplicate couples and couples who put their date as "Fall of 2018" or "Spring 2018" so we were only working with specific dates.

This gave us 704 unique couples.
Of the 365 days in 2018 , there are weddings on 147 of them. 

What we hope to accomplish
  • Help couples who are still trying to set a date
  • Encourage couples who have set their wedding for a more popular date to hurry and book your preferred wedding pros

Margin of error factors  consist of:
  • Couples who simply put the first day of the month  for the month in which they intend on getting married (EX: 10/1/18, which is a Monday, instead of putting their actual date, implying they haven't yet set one).
  • The small size of sampling. (Kansas City will have far more than 704 weddings take place in 2018. Heck, there are almost as many wedding venues in Kansas City  as there are actual weddings in our sample data).
  • The beers I consumed while conducting this research.

We then analyzed these dates and to be honest, we're not too shocked with the data.

The 20 most popular dates of 2018 (so far):

Now, we say "so far" because prime engagement season hasn't yet passed. (November/December). So once that season is over, we may revisit these numbers to see how the data has changed. 
So now let's break it down.
Dammit, Stanley ... that's not what we meant.

383 weddings will take place in 20 days. That means approximately 54% of weddings will occur during just 5% of the year. Let's take a quick look at,

Weddings By Month

June is (unsurprisingly) number 1 and June 2018 is blessing us with 5 whole Saturdays! (Did you hear that weird sound just now? That was all of Kansas City's wedding pros preemptively fainting from exhaustion).

Nearly 22% of all 2018 weddings we surveyed are scheduled to happen in June. The 3rd hottest month of the year is when most couples decide to put on a heavy dress or black suit and cram pasta down their gullets.

Most Popular Wedding Day (of the week)

Saturday, duh.

Every date in the top 20 is a Saturday.

Although, surprisingly enough, nearly 25% of all weddings surveyed are on NON-Saturdays. But if Saturday is number 1, it kind of makes you wonder which is the,

Most Popular Non-Saturday Date

Monday, October 1st came in first place for most popular Non-Saturday with 12 in the list, actually ranking it the 21st most popular date in 2018. But I'm skeptical of the data because some brides may have just put "10/1/18" in the list as saying "I'm planning to get married in October."

But Friday, June 1st had 7 planned weddings and Friday, May 4th (AKA: Star Wars Day ) had 6 planned weddings.

Naturally Fridays sit in second place with 9% of the total pie for 2018 and Sundays are a very close third with a little over 7% of the pie.

So what did we miss? What information would you love to know from this sweet data we've collected? Drop a note in the comments below and we'll see if we can provide more intel!
Derek suggests booking your vendors ASAP if you're getting hitched on one of the busier dates above. You can follow KC Mobile DJ on Instagram and Facebook or subscribe to our sweet monthly newsletter by dropping your email address below.

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Katherine Heigl. Who misses her?

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