5 Reasons Your DJ Will Love You For Hiring a Planner

  • By Heather Kincaid
  • 21 Jul, 2017

Dear brides, grooms and undecided,

As your friendly wedding DJ’s, we feel it's our duty to thank each and every one of you who have hired a wedding planner or recruited your bossiest co-worker to run your wedding.

kc wedding dj wedding planner jennifer lopez matthew street scene
Bonus points if your planner was J. Lo.
In fact, we LOVE when couples choose to invest in such a service.  We’re so fond of it because when you hire a wedding planner, that means...

5. You won't be as stressed

Once you have calmed down from screaming, "DUH" as loud as you can, we'll continue.

Weddings are stressful. There is no question about that, but by having a wedding planner, you have an advocate working on your behalf to put out fires and get stuff done.  The last thing you want to be worried about on your wedding day are your tablescapes--you should be safe and sound in your bridal suite and only worried about not accidentally drinking too much pre-wedding champagne.
kc wedding dj wedding planner champagne bride bed bridesmaids celebrate
They're totally not getting their deposit back.

Another reason why wedding planners make such a difference is...

4. There won't be a question about the flow of the day

The experienced wedding planners we’ve worked with know exactly how to run the show and chances are, you have spent or plan to spend (see: waste) at least a few hours creating the perfect timeline for your perfect day.

Why did we say “waste” a few hours?  Because timelines rarely, if ever go according to plan.  But you know who can work their butt off, trying to make everything go as planned?  Wedding planners.  They have a detailed and timed schedule which they commit to.  That schedule allows them to keep all the vendors and important guests in the loop.

Do you really want to be the one hunting down your (almost senile) great grandma for family photos?  Or would you rather let your wedding planner pull her out of the men’s restroom and take away her phone so she can stop sending candy crush invites to everyone on facebook and “JUST SMILE GRANDMA!  LOOK HAPPY!”.  

kc wedding dj wedding planner joe biden sunglasses american flag
“Hey girl, don’t you worry. I got this. Go party like it’s election night.”

Another awesome thing about hiring a wedding coordinator is that...

3. We won't have to bother you about money

Let's face it. It's awkward, and frankly quite annoying, when you have four or five vendors asking you for final payments at your wedding reception.  Do you think we like doing that?  Wrong-o.  We hate interrupting your perfect day to remind you that we’re still needing a payment.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely didn’t carry around my check book in the (very cool) pockets of my wedding dress.  Wedding planners typically handle all of the remaining payments on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about one of your wedding vendors taking off with your card box.

KC Wedding DJ Hiring a planner saving money

Hiring a wedding coordinator means that...

2. Your other vendors will be A+ material

Wedding planners know better than to hire the average Joe off Craigslist or a swapshop. This means you won't get a snot-nosed high school dropout handling your big day.  You'll have people whom the planner has vetted; and trust me, working with pros is way better than a bunch of amateurs who disguised themselves as professionals.

Bad Wedding DJ
His name is "DJ Disaster" for a reason...
But we as wedding vendors appreciate working with photographers, caterers, florists, etc. who know how to do their job and can do it well.  If the photographer we’re collaborating with is experienced, we won’t have to hunt them down when the couple is ready for the first dance.  If the caterer knows what they’re doing, we can start dinner on time.  If the florist is amazing, then we might get to look pretty too.
KC Wedding DJ Wedding Planner Boutonniere Florist Pretty
“Um… that’s MR. DJ to you.”

All around, hiring a wedding coordinator simply means that...

1. You will be so much happier

Studies show that happy people are generally happier than unhappy people. 

KC Wedding DJ Harvard University Study
We have no idea how many millions of dollars it took for that research. But it sounds like it was money well spent.

Because you won't be as stressed, and because the day will be organized so well – the main thing expected of you is to show up and eat cake.  Doesn't that sound like a much more blissful start to a happily ever after?  Pretty sure it does.

Heather is the Office and Marketing Manager of  KC Mobile DJ & Photography , a wedding and event service provider in Kansas City.  You can follow KC Mobile DJ on the Facebooks and Instagrams or send heather ideas, suggestions, contributions and corrections to  heather@kcmobiledj.com .

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Dear brides, grooms and undecided,

As your friendly wedding DJ’s, we feel it's our duty to thank each and every one of you who have hired a wedding planner or recruited your bossiest co-worker to run your wedding.

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